A Note from Jay

Jay Scovill - President of Maintenance Cooperative quoteWe are a janitorial and maintenance company, which is a round-about way of saying we supply people, primarily “cleaning people”.  Cleaning people are usually thought of by companies as: “those people” or “them.” After all, it’s not rocket science. Any person with a mop and a bucket is a cleaning service waiting to happen.

How does Maintenance Cooperative set itself apart? Why have we been able to stay in business for 32 years cleaning movie theatres?

The people who do the job every night deserve the credit!

I wish I could take a lot of credit for the good things this company has done. I am under powerful conviction to say that no amount of luck can explain the good fortune this company has regarding the quality of the people who work with me. In no way has anything I’ve ever done made me worthy of the wonderful folks to whom I write checks to each week. Largely, through this good fortune, have I come to realize what the term “blessed” really means.

My commitment to prospective employees

continues to be that I will make bids only where we will not be just another flavor-of-the-month service. I owe quality people in this organization the consideration of trying to work with companies that value workers who truly take pride in their work. 

Businesses considering our service

please understand that we are a “family” service. That term implies loyalty and respect for our customers and also for the laborers we hand pick for each job. We want to show you what it’s like to have cleaners who you can think of as part of your team.  We hope we can persuade you to think of your cleaning staff as individual real people instead of thinking of your janitorial and maintenance staff as “them.”  We aren’t perfect, but we hold ourselves to a high standard and we take pride in our work. 

My promise to facility managers:

As the owner and founder of Maintenance Cooperative I promise that anyone employed directly or indirectly by this company is held to a very high standard where pride is expected and no breach of trust is allowed. Also, we have faith that we will win your respect enough that you will never worry about us having a key or access to any part of your facility.