What's It Like?

quoteI started working for Maintenance Co-op part time four years ago maintaining a pretty run down old dollar Theater. It was me, my wife Debra, and my son (when there was no school next day!). Five months later we were maintaining two theaters and taking home all little over a thousand dollars a week.  

Summertime was just starting and the movie theater business really goes into high gear then.  Jay came to me and told me that because of my level of experience, it would be best if I just tried to handle one theatre during the summer. I asked him to trust me, to trust that I could handle the heavy business and still do a good job. Guess what?  He listened to me and gave me the chance. Five months later he had given me two more accounts. 

If you are looking for a job and if you are trustworthy and hard-working you’ll find out what it means to really have the respect of your bosses here, both financially and as a human being. If you are a business in search of a maintenance/cleaning company that will provide you with a person who takes pride in his/her work and takes care of things you might not even expect from a maintenance/cleaning company (like changing out light bulbs and communicating with you anytime there’s the slightest issue so that it can be solved immediately). This is where you belong.

You might be wondering about that dollar theater that was so run down when I started with the company....  Between the manager’s efforts and my work, that theater shines now and does better business every month!